unique tuning jews harp set

What is included in this amazing special tuning set is what makes it a unique tuning set.
☑️handmade by traditional style
☑️Professional Tuning Bass & Dip Bass Set
☑️Rekha hybrid copper morchang
☑️Bhagavan Felt Round Brass

▶️handmade by traditional style – It is jointly produced by master rekha and bhagavana. It is completely made from Indian construction style. Two types of construction styles have been used in this. In this, master rekha gave the form of this amazing copper jews harp by beating the pieces of copper with a hammer. He has given the form of this hybrid design by heating the copper in the furnace. On the other hand, master bhagwan pours liquid copper into the mold to form a beautiful flat round design. Bhagavan has used the knowledge gained from his forefathers in polishing it to make a wonderful jews harp. 

▶️Professional Tuning Bass & Dip Bass Set – All its knots are made in western style. It includes morchang of bass or dip bass. Whether you are a professional musician or a jews harp lover, all of them have been tuned very carefully and professionally. The sound of jews harp of its bass and dip bass voice will take you to a different world. This jews harp is tuned to B1,A#1,A1,G#1,G1,F#1,F1,E2,D#2,D2,C#2,C2.

▶️Rekha hybrid copper morchang – This set contains 6 hybrid jews Harp of our family experienced maker master rekha.This jews harp of hybrid design which is made of copper metal. High quality copper has been used in it. This is the first time that rekha and bhagavna have made a professional tuning set together. The attractive design and sound of these jews harp will mesmerize you.Rekha hybrid jews harp is tuned to A#1,A1,G#1,G1,F#1,F1.

▶️Bhagavan Felt Round Brass – This jews harp tuning set features master bhagavana’s 6 flat round design jews harp respected. This flat round design made from brass metal. This flat round jews harp will charm you and impress you with its professional sound.These flat round jews harp have been decorated very beautifully. The traditional style has been used in the making of these jews harp. Bhagvana flat round jews harp is tuned to B1,E2,D#2,D2,C#2,C2.

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