Indian jews harp (Morchang) Manufacturer Family

As an Indian blacksmith, I take great pride in carrying on the ancient tradition of crafting morchang ( Jews Harp ) musical instruments that has been passed down through my ancestors. The morchang has been an integral part of India’s musical heritage for centuries and continues to captivate audiences with its unique sound and design. By using traditional techniques and materials, I strive to create instruments that honor the legacy of my ancestors and preserve this rich cultural heritage for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.Master Bhagvana Blacksmith

Types Of Jews Harp manufactured by us –


If you want to buy a special style morchang of high quality, then this brass jews harp is perfect for you. This handmade morchang produces beautiful melodic music. This portable morchang can be used as a versatile musical instrument. This mouth harp is a unique mouth harp in the world which is available to you in many designs with many distinctive sounds. The manufacturing art of this Brass jews harp is a special art in which we use the knowledge gained from our forefathers to give a special shape of jews harp by pouring the brass liquid into the mold.The jews harp makes many special sounds in brass, in which the bass and sharp voices are the main sounds. With this we also create morchang of many notes.


Very high quality copper morchang in which you have complete freedom to choose the design of your choice. We have total 20 designs of morchang in copper metal available. All jews harps have a distinctive sound of their own.This smooth playing jews harp will bring peace and happiness to your mind with its melodic and bass sound. The copper bass jew’s harp is used in meditation. That’s why it is called spiritual morchang.

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