Meditation by musical instrument Morchang ( jews harp )

morchang meditation is a method of using the sound and vibration of the morchang to achieve a meditative state. The sound of the morchang, which can be soothing and mesmerizing, is used as a focal point for the mind to concentrate on during meditation. This can help to quiet the mind, reducing stress and anxiety, and promoting a sense of inner peace and calm. Additionally, the sound of Jews harp can be used to help shift the brain into a meditative state, by listening to the sound it can stimulate the brain waves that are commonly associated with deep relaxation.

During the Jews harp meditation, the practitioner can play the instrument or listen to the instrument’s sound, focusing their attention on the sound and allowing their mind to let go of distracting thoughts. It’s recommended to find a comfortable and quiet place for the practice, where you will not be disturbed. Jews harp meditation can be practiced alone or in a group setting, and it can be incorporated into various spiritual practices or used as a standalone form of meditation.

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Jews harp (morchang ) meditation is a practice that involves playing the Jews harp as a form of meditation. The repetitive and soothing sound of the instrument can help to quiet the mind and create a sense of calm. Some people use Jews harp meditation as a way to focus their thoughts, release stress, and achieve a meditative state. The technique is similar to traditional meditation, where the person sits in a comfortable position and plays the Jews harp, focusing on the sound and letting go of any distracting thoughts. The sound of the Jews harp is believed to have a therapeutic effect and can be used for self-expression, relaxation and meditation. Some people also use the Jews harp in combination with other forms of meditation, such as breath awareness or visualization, to enhance their practice.

Jews harp meditation is a practice that involves using the sound of the instrument to focus the mind and promote relaxation and well-being. This can involve playing the Jews harp in a specific way, such as using slow, steady plucking motions or repeating a single note for an extended period of time, in order to create a soothing and meditative sound. Additionally, some practitioners may use the sound of the Jews harp in combination with other forms of meditation, such as mindfulness or visualization techniques. The idea behind this practice is to use the soothing and calming sound of the Jews harp to help the listener to relax and focus on the present moment.

It’s important to note that this is not an ancient practice and it’s not widely recognized by meditation communities. There is no scientific evidence that support that playing jews harp can help in meditation.


Take a look at this amazing and unique musical instrument – morchang from India! This amazing instrument is handmade from big copper Jews harps, khomus from India, and mouth harps. You’ll never see anything like it! This video is a trip down memory lane, as we take a look at the history and popularity of this amazing instrument. From India to the Middle East, morchang is a must-see for music lovers everywhere!

morchang from India. This unique instrument is made from a big copper Jews harp and a khomus from India. If you’re looking for an interesting and unique musical instrument, then you need to check out morchang from India! This instrument is made from a big copper Jews harp and a khomus from India. We’ll also be checking out the mouth harp in this video, which is a unique instrument made from a human mouth! If you’re interested in hearing more about these instruments, be sure to Subscribe to our channel and check out more videos! This is a unique musical instrument – morchang from India. It is made of big copper Jews harps and khomus. Mouth harp is also very unique. Listen and enjoy!


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Morchnag is a Rajasthani musical instrument. Our family in Rajasthan is manufacturing this for many generations. Very sweet music comes out of the morchang. It is completely made with hand made art .Our building style is the same style used by our ancestors even today.

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Why is it called a morchang ?
Just as the peacock ( In India, peacock is called mor, it is named morchnag from mor itself) attracts everyone with its sweet voice, similarly the morchnag impresses everyone with its sweet voice. And brings joy and enthusiasm of the mind. But some people believe that due to being a musical instrument played with the mouth, it is called morchnag or Morsing.

Is Jews harp politically correct ?
No, it is made in many countries. And in every place its name is different like – jaw harp, vargan, mouth harp, gewgaw, guimbard, khomus, Ozark harp, Berimbau de boca or murchunga

Where are Jews harps from?
morchnag originated in India. And it spread all over the world due to the coming spice traders. Morchnag has been used in Indian classical music for many centuries.  This proves that the twin of morchnag morchnag is from India for many centuries. Along with this, there is a mention of morchnag in the ancient aarti of Lord Krishna in India.

Parti’s line where morchnag is described. 
Kanakmay Mor Mukut Bilse,
Devata Darsan Ko Tarse।

Gagan So Suman Raasi Barse;

Baje Murchang, Madhur Mridang,
Gwaalin Sang;

Atual Rati Gop Kumaari Ki॥
Shri Girdhar Krishna Murari Ki॥

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